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Autumn-Winter 2015

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Building on 20 years of Central Flow Management

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Who is Best at the SWIM Master Class 2015?

On 10 December 2015 EUROCONTROL will host the final stage of the SESAR SWIM Master Class 2015 – the Best in Class ceremony.

This 4th edition of the Best in Class ceremony will showcase the top-of-the-line SWIM enabled ATM applications, services and infrastructure solutions.

12 November 2015
Extended Arrival Management services for London Heathrow...
02 November 2015
EUROCONTROL, as Network Manager, has published its latest...
30 October 2015
Bad weather affects more and more flights every year,...
22 October 2015
It is a pleasure to be here on the occasion of fifteen...


The objective is to optimise traffic flows according to air...
Airports are a crucial component of the overall aviation...
Under the umbrella of the pan-European system design...
EUROCONTROL has prepared a short summary offering an...
We support our Member States, the Network Manager and...
Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) are three...
The ash cloud crises (2010 and 2011) showed that a network...
EUROCONTROL puts its environmental expertise at the service...
The Network Manager provides traffic and delay forecasts...
The Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC, previously...
The Network Operations planning ensures the seamless...
We make plans and write reports for the European air...
European airspace users pay for the services they use when...
Our approach to safety is a pro-active and preventive one:...
Our primary objective is to deliver quality training in air...

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